Euro Calling Cards provides low cost international calls to all of their consumers. We have many international phone cards to choose from and we aim to provide you the cheapest phone card. Not all international calling cards can offer cheap international calling rates but with our telephone calling cards we know you will be back again to use our easy to buy online calling card service.

Using our online calling cards is very simple. You select where you are calling from and then the country you would like to call and then click on search. You will now be shown lists of UK calling cards which provide you with the cheapest international calls to your selected destination.

Euro Calling Cards is here to offer you the customer the cheapest phone cards so you can call your loved ones without the worry of running up a huge telephone bill on your normal land line or mobile phone.

Prepaid phone calling cards is where the card is pre-charged with a fixed amount. Once the credit has run out on the card you simply throw it away and purchase another UK calling card.

International call cards also known as the international phone card are used by millions of customers everyday all wanting to make international calls at the cheapest price.

Euro Calling Cards is now offering the 1 Calling Card for students. So if you are a parent whose child has gone abroad to study then please have a look at our student calling cards. They will no longer have the excuse of not being able to afford to call home! International calls cards are the best way to keep those phone bills down!